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When should you use a strengths based interview?

There has been a big trend in recruitment over the last 10-15 years towards competency based interviewing – a skills interview which tests how candidates have approached particular situations in the past. This is especially prevalent in IT where experience

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Build effective teams using behavioural profiling tools

Teamworking in organisations has certainly grown in importance over the years. CIPD research into the changing workplace shows roles becoming less individually defined and much more focussed on versatility and flexibility in teams.  This is all good stuff – HR and OD

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Rethinking HR in a changing world – a threat or opportunity for recruitment agencies?

  We asked Ian Knowlson from Selling Success to give his thoughts on KPMG HR report. In a recent survey by KPMG of more than 400 senior executives titled Rethinking Human Resources in a Changing World a number of key questions

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Lord Sugar vs Stella English – a poor example of employee engagement?

Whatever the outcome of the Sugar vs English tribunal (which at the time of writing will be decided in the next few weeks) and the potential rights and wrongs of the matter on each side, it seems pretty clear to

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Behavioural profiling – is it worth it?

I distinctly remember discussing the benefits of behavioural profiling with a sceptical person who held the purse strings to the HR and recruitment budget.  I found myself outlining why, particularly for those key leadership or senior roles, I wouldn’t want

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How to get the best out of your recruitment agency

Many MacMaster Dean HR clients work with recruiters but often don’t know what goes on ‘under the bonnet’ and how much more their recruitment agency could be doing for them.  We asked Melanie Larbalestier from specialist information management recruiters KDR

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